Heather Jensen has always cared deeply about her community and had an interest in politics.  

Out of her own involvement in her community she was recruited in 1995 to the moderate Republican Youth Majority in D.C. She ended up choosing to join the Women’s International League of Peace and Freedom Peace Train which traveled all the way from Helsinki, Finland to Beijing China meeting with women’s groups along the way. Once in Beijing she participated in the Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) activities of the UN World Conference on Women. Two years prior at the UN Conference on Human Rights she contributed to language of the NGO conference declaration that acknowledged the depth and breadth of women’s varied experiences.  

Later in her corporate career when she was either off for a stint to Switzerland or South America, she instead chose to follow her heart. She joined her beloved in Athens, GA and transitioned into coaching.  

Conscious Politics was created when Heather realized just how much our internal words shape what we create in the world around us. She knew that there had to be people serving in the political arena who experience this as well and who desire tools to govern using this awareness. She knew they had to be looking for a guide and fellow travelers.

Over ten years ago coaches and I around the country gathered to collaborate on a book about political leadership.  We knew something different was needed, something that would activate within citizens a deep desire to participate in democracy in some new ways.  

We published a book in 2007 titled, “Winning Without Compromising Yourself”.  What’s even clearer ten years later is that sophisticated people are needed - people capable of being aware of what’s happening inside of themselves and who can match that awareness to what’s needed in their community.

Trained in a style of both coaching and leadership known as “co-active”, she helps clients be clear about what their “stake” for their political leadership is and how to read and follow their sense of what is needed, to experiment, and then stay engaged with the impact that they have had.  

Grounded in the work of adult development, she believes the skills that we developed as we came of age can grow and evolve so that we can fully take advantage of the opportunities to be of service as adults.  Rich conversations with her clients helps them to know themselves and tap into their own wisdom around their leadership.