More You, When YOU Know There's a You

One of the common anxieties people have around running for office is that they fear the negative aspects of modern political life and that people will misconstrue what they say and mean. It takes a courageous person to run for office and then to govern.

In the last post I asked you to reflect upon when you first recognized that there was a difference between who you are and the role that people experience you as.

There’s tremendous value in making the distinction between the human you are and the role(s) people expect you play. The more you know the you who you are, the more room you have to be able to see more clearly where you begin and end. Knowing where you begin and end helps you to also notice where other people begin and end.

You might not be able to control how other people see you, but you can feel relieved in knowing that you are indeed your own person. There’s a you that you can cherish when no one else wants to and that you can grow when you know that you need to regardless of how wonderful people may consider you already to be.

It’s much harder to make those decisions about yourself when you feel amorphously reflected in public opinion.

Heather Jensen