Asking for Help - Permission at Any Age or Stage

As a candidate I bet you asked a lot of people for help - asking for money, people’s time, people’s expertise, and more. It may have really pushed you outside of your comfort zone to do so much asking. As you faced doubts and discomfort, you might have reminded yourself that all the experts say that this is what you need to do when running a campaign.

Recently, a fellow class member of New Politics who is in her twenties sent me an email asking if I could help her with part of her 140 mile trek to class. Wowed by her commitment and willingness to reach out, I said yes!

She helped me to remember that when I was young, I felt permission, at least some of the time, to not have to know all the answers or have all the resources I needed because I was just getting the hang of things and that I could reach out to others. I would ask for connections, share my ideas with others, get feedback, and ask for money to make my own treks.

The truth is that at every stage of our life and at any level of success we can feel free to ask for help.

As you transition into governing, keep thinking about the ways in which you might need help. Investigate the corners and crevices of your consciousness for things that are troubling you or leaving you feeling uncomfortable. Notice them and see if there’s a way that help would help.

Heather Jensen