The Paradox of You

When you’re in election mode, you are constantly pitching yourself. For someone who got into politics because they genuinely want to serve, it can be odd to set your humility aside and work hard at crafting your pitch and then talk about why you are the right person to lead over and over and over and over again.

There’s a real paradox in servant based political leadership. To represent and serve others you start by talking about yourself endlessly to supporters and donors.

In the midst of campaigning and as you transition to governing, it can be helpful to consciously reflect upon who you are and who you are being as if you were standing on a balcony. Doing so gives you a bigger view of all of the action happening. You might see for instance that you are meeting with one person in one particular moment, but this bigger picture allows you to also see the people and needs that motivated you in the first place.

Heather Jensen