Tools for Governing in a Complex World

My hunch is that as a newly elected or re-elected political leader you ran at this moment in history because you wanted to bring a really genuine, caring spirit to politics and to offer something different.

When you started you probably didn’t expect that at the end of the election season that there would be so many unprecedented events coalescing in a very short period of time:

  • A number of record setting hurricanes that thrashed the coasts

  • A caravan of thousands of refuges forcing questions about immigration that raise nuanced questions

  • Mail bombs that enhance anxieties within our political system.

  • Two ethnically motivated shootings that would shake the country

It may feel overwhelming to know how to respond and lead as you soon turn your sights to governing.

But something drew you to public office because you thought that as Americans we needed a different kind of response to these kinds of complex events. Regardless of your party affiliation, you are looking for a more sophisticated, emotionally intelligent approach to civil society.

My approach with this blog will be two-fold.

First - I want to give you courage in your leadership by simply standing with you as you aim to lead in your communities from a place of personal groundedness and a mission of service. I want you to feel encouraged because this corner of the internet exists.

Second - I want to share with you insights from the field of adult and leadership development that will help you as you grow into your role as a political leader at this time in history.

It’s incredibly useful to know that just because our bodies may have matured in our twenties, that our minds can continue to grow and develop as we age. There are even some predictable paths of development that can help us make sense of ourselves and give us insight.

Heather Jensen