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In this day of relentless political partisanship, is it possible to win elections and still act from a place of character and conscience? In Winning Without Compromising...Yourself, nine political coaches say the answer is an unqualified "YES." For those who aspire to public office and all of us who hunger for political leaders we can believe in again.

There are indeed ways to thread the needles of conviction and victory simultaneously, and this book shows how. --Dr. Larry J. Savato, Director, Center for Politics at the University of Virginia

This book is important and timely. Activists, candidates and public officials alike will benefit from its powerful insights, its clear tone, and its moral imperative that together, we will restore the promise of our country. --Eric Garcetti, President, The Los Angeles City Council

This book is a terrific manual for political leaders who are willing to be "learners." It is easy, but so unwise, for leaders to surround themselves with fawning "yes-men." Hiring a coach to supply the other side of the coin can turn their lives around, both professionally and personally, if they choose to take that first step. --Deborah Grey, Member of Parliament (Ret'd)