Custom Tailored to You. Engages Your Humanity.

The process of running for office and then serving has a massive learning curve. You have to develop internal muscles you never knew you had. It can be lonely, especially when few around you have grown in the ways you have had to in order to meet the challenges of public office. Further, to be the kind of leader you signed up to be, the need to grow to meet the complexity of the office is ongoing.

This is where a coach can help.

Typically a client works with me to gain:

  • An awareness of their growing edge

  • Understanding of adult development and a map of your own growth

  • Rich conversation that explores the topics that most matter to you

  • A greater sense of integration and appreciation of the new skills and talents you’ve developed

  • An evolving sense of your values

  • New tools for working within this more sophisticated time of life. 

Circumstances where coaching can help:

  • When you feel stuck with colleagues and constituents

  • When you need new insight

  • Keeping your original motivation around public service alive

  • Nurturing the person you are, the person underneath the role people tend to see you as

  • Looking at the whole of your life - your relationships and family connections included

Coaching offers political leaders the chance to have meaningful, reflective conversations that take you to your growing edges so that you can be present to your own observations and those of others. Coaching helps you work out for yourself how you want to move forward.