Want to Stop Talking at Your Constituents and Engage Them Instead?

World Cafe style conversations are a tool that political leaders can use to engage groups of constituents or colleagues around a policy issue.  Diversity of opinion and perspective only make the conversation more rich and fruitful.  

I typically host conversations on behalf of leaders so that you can be a participant.  It allows you the chance to listen in a new way and have the experience of being one in a group thinking together.  A graphic recording captures the themes of the conversation, using both pictures and words. It helps everyone see the themes covered and see connections and divergent needs. Viewing the graphic recording, people who could not attend can engage with the conversation in ways written notes can not inspire. 

You might hire me to host a conversation to:

  • Gather important subject matter expertise on a topic that includes rich thinking from community members across multiple sectors in the community along with traditional experts.

  • Strategize with your colleagues, understand the nuances of your differences, and find a more meaningful commonality.

  • Solicit and collect the insight of your volunteers who might have varied experiences from canvassing, phone calls, media relations, and fundraising

  • Thank volunteers and invite their insight on future campaigns

All conversations have built into them coaching with the political leader so that the conversation is designed with your aims in mind and so you can think through next steps.



People leave World Cafe conversations heartened by what they learned from other people in the room and delighted by how their thinking deepened when people really listened.