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Take the time to grow your insight so you can act with even deeper courage and skill to be the public steward you signed up to be. 









“Conscious Politics was formed so that interested political leaders would have a resource for growing themselves to meet the complexity of the issues they face.”



My work is meant for political leaders who have experienced the value of reflection.

My assumption is that you serve in office guided by a set of values that you believe in strongly. You came to politics stirred by the events of the day, believing that you have the responsibility to stand up and serve your communities.

Acting upon your values of service, stewardship, integrity, moral courage, amongst others, you’ve taken plenty of risks for the sake of your public service in ways few people are willing because you care about the future of your communities and family.

And yet, there are some specific challenges you face…


Retaining Values. Governing Meaningfully.

There can be a disconnect between who you campaigned to be and the realities of the capital buildings or city halls in which you serve. You may be someone who has lived their life on their own terms.  It can be difficult to know which levers to push as you enter a system dominated by rules and hierarchy. While you may feel respect for the institution, a part of you may also feel allergic to the conformity often demanded in political realms.  You may fear that through your public service, you will lose who you were and not deliver to your constituents what you promised. At the same time you have a deep respect for governance, and you care about reconciling these tensions.

Trusting The Connections You See. Making Them Matter.

Complicating things, you might notice connections amongst issues, communities, individuals, policies, and more that come to you in a flash of insight.  Then the clarity may recede, only to resurface out of the blue, perhaps this time with even more nuance and depth.  When you share your thoughts with others, most are puzzled by your thinking and have a hard time grasping what to you seems clear as day.  The loneliness of the situation leaves you frustrated.  You may even feel deep discomfort. Convincing others seems impossible, and you know urgent attention is needed.

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Understanding Others. Growing Those Around You.

You have a value around respecting your colleagues, but people around you seem to be coming from such different places.  You may find that you really gel with some, even surprisingly across the aisle. While others, even those with whom you agree on policy, seem to approach things from such a different perspective. It’s like you’ve entered an odd universe and you can’t quite make it out. It matters to you because you have a sense that these differences are the key to the way forward.

Nurturing The Person Within You, Not Just Your Role.

In your position as a political leader people interact with you through the lens of the role you play and what that role means to them. Meanwhile at your core you are a human being. Interesting and rich. With your own delights. With your own hopes and dreams, strengths and fallabilities.  You are so much more than your role. The person that you are deserves attention and cultivation. You sense this and even recognize how what’s going on inside of you impacts your leadership.


Gift For Candidates Who Ran for Office But Were Not Elected 

I so appreciate that you raised your hand and said, “I’ll do this impossibly brave thing, turn my life upside down, and willingly go on the roller coaster of running for office.”

To thank you, I am offering you a half hour complimentary coaching session where you can reflect upon what you learned, where you discovered growth edges and how you might integrate what you learned into whatever is next for you.  Reach out here to me.